Dancing Princesses Auditions

Welcome to Alamo Arts Ballet Theatre

We are commited to artistic excellence and high-caliber training.

Alamo Arts Ballet Theatre believes in nurturing the appreciation of dance in girls and boys of all ages.

Alamo Arts Ballet Theatre understands the importance of offering opportunities to explore both classical and contemporary styles of dance.

Alamo Arts Ballet Theatre embraces collaboration with other artistic groups and musical professionals to create origianl and innovative performances.


Established in 2006, Alamo Arts Ballet Theatre exists to bring together a diverse group of individuals with a passion for movement, the arts and developing their skills in an appreciative environment. Additionally, the not for profit organization provides opportunities for public school aged children, specifically underserved audiences, to become involved in the arts.

What People Are Saying


We endeavor to maintain ongoing corporate, private and community support in order to produce yearly, at least one full scale performance that can grow in complexity over time. Additionally, we will strive to provide opportunities for public school aged children to become involved in the arts through our free educational performances and lecture demonstrations.